How Can I Freelance While Working Full Time? [8 Helpful Tips]


Freelancing has been wide-spreading, and people now can earn money everywhere without going to the office. It is like a wide-open field where everyone can grow crops and enjoy their harvest. It includes those who are currently listed as full-time workers. Not a lot of full-time workers are willing to do freelance work to increase their savings coffers.


But there are bigger challenges for those who work freelance while still working full time. You must balance the two to achieve maximum results in both areas.  Follow these 7 tips on how you can freelance while working full time.


1. Check your companies rules

This is the number one thing that full-time workers must do if they plan to take on freelance work. First, check the current work regulations in the office regarding employees who have jobs outside the office. Some offices completely prohibit their employees from working other than for office matters. Even selling cakes in the office is also not allowed. Others do not want their employees working in the same industry or using their company resources. But some do not regulate it at all. In any case, you have to make sure of this first, so you don’t get into trouble in the future. It is always a good practice to double-check just so that there are no misunderstandings, breaches of contracts or conflict of interests.

check rules - freelance while working full time


2. Make a work plan

The work plan is not just doing A; the next date is for working on B. You have to fit in more hours of work in the day, so you have to be slightly more organized. Make two plans, namely for freelance and full-time work. This is especially true for those who are often forced to bring work home from work.


Make sure freelance and full-time work schedules don’t collide. With this work plan, you can ensure that freelance and full-time work deadlines are met so that you get optimal results from both.


3. Separate your two careers

Freelance and full-time work should be done separately, both ethically and legally. You, for example, should not do freelance work in the office, using office facilities. This could jeopardize your career if you get caught. Moreover, there is the possibility of errors that can trigger problems.


For example, you were sending freelance work using work e-mail because you forgot to check your e-mail while working at the office. Your client must be confused because you sent using company e-mail. Then, your office can check any e-mail content sent using company e-mail. You might even get a warning letter for using office facilities for personal gain. That is not so professional, and that is why you have to be careful.


When we say that you have to separate the two jobs, it includes the time. You cannot do your freelance using an office facility. It is not fair. Stick with the work plan and time management you have made. You can spare two to four hours a day for your freelance job. Make sure that you have your timeline for your part-time job as a freelancer.



4. Give up on “fun”

You know that you have to complete freelance and permanent work. It’s not impossible that you have to sacrifice fun. For example, friends can hang out after work, and you still have freelance works that have not been finished. You must be willing to sacrifice pleasure for the sake of keeping your freelancing career afloat.


Sometimes these pleasures include family time together. If this is unavoidable, you need to set aside another day to keep the family warm without being distracted by work demands. Therefore, you also have to tell your family about what freelancing is so that they understand what you are doing. If you have 12 hours of work, you may find it difficult to find time together with family.  You will need to know how you can balance it out so that your work schedule is not too harsh on the people around you. Work-life balance is a must. You can give up pleasure, but don’t forget about family time because you need to preserve your sanity too.


5. Slow but sure

You have to be sure about your choice for those who are just starting to take freelance work. Just take a little bit first to adjust to the new work situation. Do not accept too many freelance offers or very large projects that would require too much time. Worse is freelance work that is not completed. It’s better to use the principle of slow, but sure. You don’t have to take many jobs to increase your rating. Don’t ever take too many offers when you are a full-time worker because it can’t ruin your plans. If you are aware that you still need your full-time job, you have to be picky about the offers you undertake. Be slow, but guarantee a successful delivery. This is how you build a great reputation.

slow but sure - freelance while working


6. Realistic and focused

These two things are very important to balance freelance and full-time work. Be realistic when accepting a freelance job offer. Sometimes people are dazzled by the nominal freelance fee, so they become greedy, doing as much as possible. Remember that you still have another source of income. 


While the focus is related to your intention and determination to complete freelance or permanent work, you must unify your focus when working because there are two burdens on your shoulders. You switch a lot between full time and freelance work. It can be very demotivating and very tiring. Therefore, when working, make sure there are no distractions that shake your concentration until you fail to meet expectations.


7. Work towards a goal

Mixing both full time and freelance work is very demanding in your life. You cannot spend 5 or 10 years doing it (I mean good luck if you do). You need to have an exit strategy when you freelance while working full time.  For example, an exit strategy can be one in which you would quit your full-time job when you make 50% more than your current salary after X months of freelance work. Setting these SMART goals would allow you to easily transition from being an employee to having your own practice. Once you do you can think about how you can scale it.

Smart Goals
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8. Don’t forget to rest.

Work, work, work. That’s certainly not what you expect from busy freelance and permanent work. Don’t get so immersed in work that you fall sick. For those who have two jobs, rest is a luxury. Often, you can end up finishing your work late at night that when you arrive at the office in the morning you are so sleepy that you can’t work well. 


The key is to stick to the work plan that has been made in advance. The work plan should also include rest periods. Health is important and expensive. You don’t want to spend your extra cash from freelancing on medical treatments because you burned out.


A final word

Not everyone can have the opportunity to take freelance work while still carrying out their main job. If you are one of the lucky ones to have this opportunity, make the most of it. Maintain relationships with freelance clients by providing the best results while still fulfilling your main work obligations in the office.


Those were just a few things to consider when you freelance while working full time. It is not impossible to do it as long as you have good planning, set a routine and have clear goals. A good work plan will help you make everything look better and possible. Time management is the only key to making it happen, with a little bit of rest and family time too.









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