How to stay motivated as a Freelancer?

The lack of motivation is, in my opinion, amongst the top reasons why people fail in freelancing. As humans, when we first have an idea, we naturally tend to be excited about it. We all feel like we have a great idea that’s going to change our lives. Then, 3 months in, you are still where you were at the beginning. You lose interest, and you move on.

This scenario happens all the time, even in freelancing. You are excited at the beginning, and after 2 months, when you do not get any clients you move on. Or, after a year, when you do not get paid as much as you expected, you lose motivation, and you move on. Yet, we all know that there are success stories out there. How did they get there? How did they succeed? How did they persevere to get to where they want to be? 

Most people succeed not because they are geniuses, but because they are focused, and to some extend, work hard. In your entrepreneurial ventures, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. You simply need to change its design to make a person like it so much that they buy it. That last bit, making someone else give you their hard-earned money is hard, but not impossible. And like Floyd Mayweather (yes I’m quoting him) would say, getting someone to pay you requires hard work and dedication.


How do you keep yourself motivated?

The typical answer to that question is usually along the line of setting a clear goal, defining a clear vision, working harder, etc. Yet, the truth is, if you ask how to keep your motivation, you simply do not want enough. 

Think about it for a second. If you searched about how to keep your motivation, you have probably found reasons why something is not working out your way. Effectively, It could be for personal, professional, or financial reasons. If you are freelancing, it could be that you did not land a client, or people are not replying to your proposals, or you do not receive enough support from your surrounding, or you have issues raising funds, etc. Many reasons can kick you in the guts. Nevertheless, what business person you know did not go through any hardships? How did all those successful people keep their motivation going?

Well, you simply need to learn how to motivate yourself. Do not let anybody else request more from you than yourself. Indeed, every person that has reached the peak in their field demand more from themselves than anybody else.

It’s very nice but how do you keep self-motivated?

Truthfully, it depends on who you are, and what works for you. Despite all the tutorials available online, self-motivation is something that entirely depends on you.  

Michael Jordan, for example, would famously hold on to the smallest sign of hate that someone would hurl at him. Then he will use that hate as fuel to prove that person wrong. Mark Wahlberg has the habit to work out at 4 in the morning. Cristiano Ronaldo has very disciplined workout and dietary habits. Find what works for you?


How do I keep my motivation in my freelancer work?

Like I previously said, this is something that you need to find. Here are some tips that I am personally doing that keeps me going.


1. Focus helps your being motivated

how to stay motivated as a freelancer focus

It is very easy to come up with thousands of ideas or working with dozens of projects. As a result, you may be overwhelmed with work which for sure will decrease your morale. I tend to keep my focus on one or two manageable things to maximize what I am gaining from my projects.


2. Not giving up too early

how to stay motivated as a freelancer not giving up

A lot of freelancers tend to leave too early thinking that it does not work. Making money in the long term is a tedious and iterative process. It is not easy, and it requires a process that you put in place. When I started freelancing, on day 1, I told myself that this venture is going to be hard. I needed to have and to stick to a plan. Unsurprisingly, It was hard at the beginning. Still, fast forward 6 months, I managed to build a good stream of revenue.


3. Developing a routine 

how to stay motivated as a freelancer routine

It takes about 3 months of doing a task every day to develop a habit. Structuring your life and your working habits is going to help you achieve your goals. Unsurprisingly, It is hard to stick to a plan at the beginning. However, after 3 months of hard work, it will become a lifestyle. Once you reach a point in which your venture becomes a lifestyle, you will be able to get much more things done. Consequently, you will be able to keep your motivation up, hence, maximizing your chances of success.


4. Finding balance

how to stay motivated as a freelancer balance

Finding balance is another way of saying “enjoy your life”. If you are overworking yourself, it is natural that you lose motivation. So, do your best to include social activities in your schedule. Workouts, sports, video games, social gatherings whatever your hobbies are, make sure you dedicate a couple of hours in your week for your hobbies. It gives your work a purpose and can be a morale booster.


Last words … 

Losing motivation is something that happens to everyone. It will be part of your life. So you must learn how to self-motivate. The tips in this article can give you some perspectives, but keep in mind that it is a journey that you must walk by yourself. So, next time you lose motivation keep the above tips in mind. 🙂  


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