Hi, I’m Malick Sarr

Freelance Data Analyst and Data Scientist



What do I do?

I talk a lot about Data Science and Freelancing


Some of my analysis ended up here:











Who am I?

I’m a  freelance data scientist that has managed dozens of data science projects. I specialize in e-commerce and marketing but I did work occasionally in Sports, Ecology, and Real Estate. Now, I am sharing my experience on how to build a profitable freelance career in the tech field and showcase to perform all sorts of data analysis techniques in my blog.


I have helped a lot of people make sense of their data and make data-driven decisions. 




But Don’t Take My Word For it

Here’s what they have to say …



Malick successfully designed a methodology to analyze Twitter Networks. His approach was scientifically rigorous and elegant. I particularly appreciated his willingness and patience to ‘walk me through’ his approach and the quality of his final technical report.”

– Paul Epson, Ecosulis

Fantastic job! You gave me all the info that I was hoping for and you presented it in an easy to understand way. Thank you!

– Sarah Giannikouris, TCA Accountants & Bookkeepers

Super helpful and knowledgeable, Malick is an ideal Freelancer! He helped us catch a few errors as well as providing valuable insight into the Data Science techniques we were using. Will definitely consider hiring him again in the future!

– James Brickner, LanLantis

“Malick has done an excellent job and demonstrated most of his qualities – ability for hard work and dedication in mastering complex content.”

– Prof. Dimitar Christozov, American University in Bulgaria

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About Me

Learn more about who I am, how it started, and where I am going.

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I am not an “All-Knowing” business expert or a futuristic advanced AI.

But here are what I’m good at.


Data Mining

Do you need to comb through your large datasets to identify patterns that can help shape our decision-making processes?

Data mining can help you do that whether you have tabular data, text, pictures, or videos.

If you want to know how to extract useful information from a large amount of data, do check our some of my data mining articles.

To learn more about how you can apply data mining techniques for your company, let’s have a chat.

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Data Analysis

Trying to find interesting findings in a dataset, present it in a dashboard, keep track of various KPIs, or trying to make an informed decision based on the data you have in hand? Data analysis can help answer those questions and much more

You can learn more about the process and techniques of data analysis for large data sets here.

If you have a large project and need my help for analyzing it, you can hire me as a consultant.

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Machine Learning

Do you need to make some future predictions, automate the repetitive processes, create a chatbot, identify items in pictures/videos or classify certain things into category?

Machine learning can help you achieve that. You can learn more about it here.


If you need more information about machine learning and its applications in the business world, we can have a conversation.

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