Need Some Help with Machine Learning? 

Machine learning has seen advances in the past few years that made it available and reachable for most businesses. It is no longer rocket science used by top world-renown scientists or organizations. Nowadays, you can indeed implement innovative machine learning-based solutions to your organization and solve complex problems. The ML technology is available to you.


Don’t get me wrong, in the current market, you can be successful without machine learning. But in the future, the implementation of machine learning or AI in your processes will be a must if you want to compete in the global market. Don’t believe me? In November 2019, the consulting firm McKinsey reported that 30 percent of surveyed executives said their firms were piloting some form of AI. Additionally, PWC wrote another report in 2018 which found that 20% of the surveyed executive plant to roll out some AI application in 2019.


That is to say, more and more companies are adopting machine learning-based tech. This technology is available to you. The use of machine learning can help you save cost and you do not need to be a big firm to implement a machine learning application for your data. By simply applying machine learning to your data, you can get a competitive advantage and save money. For example, automating your internal processes, predicting what the future looks like, or improving your customer satisfaction through new technology (chatbot, voice recognition, etc), are merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the power of applied machine learning.

I know. It seems all complicated. You do not know if this is for you. 


I am here to help

If you decide to work with me, I will walk you through how you can use ML for your business. Indeed, I will get to know your business processes, so I can understand what your needs are and offer solutions to those needs. Depending on what your needs, keep in mind that machine learning can help you in image recognition, speech recognition, association and pattern discovery, statistical arbitrage, medical diagnosis, information extraction, prediction, regression, classification, financial decision marking, and many more. If you need help in those areas or simply want to know if you canapply machine learning to your business, let’s have a chat.


How does a machine learning project go?

1- Understand the project & set requirements

Like any of my other projects, I will need to sit down with you and understand exactly what you need. This meeting is there for me to familiarize myself with your products and study what your needs and challenges are. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for me to set the various requirements for that project and therefore set a plan for a solution that would maximize value through the use of your data.


2. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)


The role of EDA would be to understand what the data infrastructure is. It is an opportunity for me to know the different sources of data, and explore those various datasets to find patterns, dependencies, inconsistencies, anomalies, trends, missing values, etc.


3. Data Transformation

Upon the completion of EDA, the next step is to prepare and transform the data before modeling. Based on the previous step, Data transformation involves cleaning the data, selecting the features, creating new features if necessary, and converting the data into a format usable for models.


4. Data modeling

Modeling involves training the model with various machine learning algorithms and evaluating which one provides the best results. The so-called “best model” is selected based on performance, accuracy, and simplicity.


5. Deployment

An ML model by itself is useless. It needs to be integrated and used. The deployment allows the integration of the “best model” into your processes.


6 Support and maintenance.

Nothing in the world of data is “ad-hoc”. Data changes, tools need to be improved and maintained. Hence, after the deployment, every step will be recorded, and the documentation will be provided, as well. Additionally, I will be available to you to maintain this model and to work on any other cool project you have.


Still, having doubts? Why don’t you reach out?

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I am good at applying principles in data analysis, data science, data mining, or machine learning for small and mid-sized businesses. So if you are here because of that, do not hesitate to reach out.


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