Why is Machine Learning important? [in 2021]


The idea of machine learning is gaining more popularity with each passing day, and one thing we can say about this trend of machine learning is that it is here to stay. From friend recommendations on Facebook to advance technologies like google self-driving car, you get to use machine learning in one way or another in your daily life. So what is the importance of machine learning in 2021, and how will it change the paradigm of science and humanities? 


What is Machine Learning?


Machine learning (ML) is quite an exciting field to study due to its vast applications. Hence, it is a bit harder to narrow down machine learning in one definition. Different scientists define machine learning in different ways.


 According to Stanford, “machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed.” While Nividia defines machine learning as “the practice of using algorithms to parse data, learn from it, and then decide or predict about something in the world.”


In a nutshell, the main purpose of machine learning is to compute large data and give high-value predictions without any human intervention and reduce human errors. 


Why Machine Learning?


Data is the soul of all businesses, be it health care or government. Every institute deals with processing their data somehow. Accurate and precise data processing is the key to keeping a company ahead of time and is achievable with machine learning. 


As machine learning involves minimal to no human interaction, the chances of errors are much less. That’s is why almost every industry is adopting the technologies in machine learning to improve their efficiency.


Application of Machine Learning


As we have discussed earlier, machine learning has its application in almost all types of industries. From health care to travel and manufacturing to managing financial services, you will find that machine learning has a very significant role in our daily lives. 


In healthcare, the devices that monitor pulse rate, oxygen and glucose levels, etc., have helped doctors to assess their patients big time. Indeed, Machine learning has significantly reduced the risk of misdiagnosis and reduces the risk factor in medical sciences. 


Machine learning has changed the manufacturing industry. The companies that have adopted the technology of machine learning are way ahead of their competitors. In the manufacturing industry, machine learning helps maximize efficiency, reduce or entirely remove errors, accomplish the goals, and increase the inventory turn. 


One of the other applications of machine learning is in Ecommerce and social media sites. These platforms work by analyzing your search and shopping history and making personalized suggestions based on a person’s previous shopping or browsing history. They use machine learning to analyze these data and use it to make the targeted campaigns.


From improving public health to make the country’s cybersecurity system stronger, several countries’ government systems are using machine learning to cope with the potential future scenarios and adapt the rapidly changing situations. 


Wrapping Up


There is no denying that the future is all about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Above all, Every country and industry, sooner or later, have to adopt some form of machine learning. Those industries that have already incorporated machine learning in their business are ahead of their competitors, and time will prove this.  To conclude, it shows you the importance of machine learning.



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